Products I Want to Use Up – Going Cruelty Free

Hello everyone! Welcome back to our blog! Today I want to show you everything I plan on using up this year!

Lately animal testing has become a bigger deal. It’s heartbreaking to see pictures of the damage (you will cry), so I made the decision to buy only cruelty free makeup from now on. (Christine has as well!) By using up everything I have in my collection that is not cruelty free, I want to be completely cruelty free by 2018. This is really important to me, I also love animals and I feel good about making this decision!

Face Makeup –

Benefit High beam – I will be using this up, since I spent quite a bit of money on it and I enjoy using it. I already use this everyday, and I will continue after using up the Loreal Lumi!

Loreal Lumi illuminator – This is a great product, I would recommend it if you are looking for a drugstore highlight. I will definitely be using this up first in my everyday makeup routine!

Rimmel Match perfection concealer – I actually love this concealer so much!  I use this every day already so it will be gone soon!

Benefit Dallas Bronzer – I love Benefit products, and this is one of my favorite bronzers. I will use this everyday in summe!

Lips –

Choosy lip tint – You guys know that I love this natural red after I mentioned it in my top three red lipsticks post. I won’t throw it away since I have no other lip tints, and I’m confident I will use it up soon since not much is left.

Mascaras –

Bobbi Brown smokey eye mascara – By making this an everyday mascara, then I hopefully will be able to finish it!

Bobbi Brown no smudge mascara – This mascara is great for lower lashes, so I’ll be using it for that every day until it’s gone!

Maybelline lash sensational – I love this mascara and I definitely recommend it. I will be keeping this until I finish it!

Loreal voluminous butterfly mascara -I recommend this one as well since it creates an effect like you have tightlined simply from applying it!

Eyeshadow – 

Absolute New York Icon palette – These shades are excellent to layer on top of lipstick for a metallic effect, so that is how I plan to use these up.

Sephora palette –  most of the bright shades in here I never reach for so I may make lipstick out of those! (post on if the DIYs really work coming soon!)

*I later did research and discovered I had a Revlon Liquid Lipstick, Almay Mascara, another Bobbi Brown mascara, Bobbi brown lip gloss, Bobbi Brown blush, a lancome lip gloss and Lancome eyeshadow palette, a Lancome lipstick, maybelline lipstick that all are not cruelty free*

20 in total!

I hope you guys enjoyed and if you did then please leave a like and a comment down below! All opinions welcome in the comments, I hope you guys have a lovely day! If you guys are considering going cruelty free, there are so many drugstore brands that are now cruelty free, you can definitely do it and do it on a budget!

— Hailey πŸ’„

30 thoughts on “Products I Want to Use Up – Going Cruelty Free”

  1. You’ve inspired me to go cruelty free as well. It’s really difficult for me to research because it seems like some companies were once cruelty free but then their status has been revoked due to new decisions that were made. I hope to write a inventory post about all of my products and do a more thorough examination. Thank you!

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  2. I am finding myself very disappointed each time I discover a product that is amazing and then that they are not cruelty-free. I am doing more research into companies before I buy stuff now too. Fantastic post!

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    1. Yeah me too! im trying to find better dupes for things I love that are cruelty free. There are some fantastic drugstore brands that are, like NYX and Milani so I have been using Their products! Thank you so much!


        1. They are too? That’s amazing! So many brands are now. Hopefully you do! I’m wishing you luck. Elf has a new foundation out and so does milani the conceal and perfect one so maybe see if those match your skin!

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        2. Yeah I’ve been checking out all the drugstore brands to see, and it definitely is 100% cruelty free. Looking through my makeup collection, most of it already is cruelty free, which surprises me! I haven’t tried the new Elf foundation, so I’ll check it out!!

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        3. That is so cool, it’s great to see really affordable brands doing that! Yeah most of mine was as well! It’s great that most of yours already is, it won’t be hard to eliminate the brands that arent! You should! And I know wet and wild also has a new one for six dollars so see what works!

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