Our Favorite Winter Makeup Trends


Hello everyone! We are finally doing a post together, it’s been such a long time! Today we wanted to share our favorite winter makeup trends with you guys, and to do that we have teamed up with Adore Me. If you haven’t visited their site you definitely should, they have gorgeous lingerie sets that are affordable, pajamas and more intimates. So, we are going to share 4 of our favorite winter makeup trends and pairings with the gorgeous lingerie that we have been loving.

  1. Brown lips:

This is a gorgeous trend that makes a statement but it is soo subtle for the wintertime when everything is dark and cold this little bit of warmth is pretty!

Here’s what I used:

Stila convertible color in the shade magnolia

Butter London Lippy liquid lipstick in the shade spiked cocoa

*Christine and I saw everything on their website and we absolutely loved all of the sets we saw online, she has an eye for fashion so these are all her pairing ideas!*

Adore Me pairing:

Brown lips is super neutral and gorgeous, but quite subtle so paired with this super bold teal lingerie set it will look stunning!

2. Warm-Toned Eyes

What I used:

Butter London glazen eye gloss

Morphe 12NB palette

Adoreme pairing:3.

The warm hues of the eyes will compliment the light simple gray of this gorgeous pajama set!

Plum Eyeshadow: This is the boldest trend of this winter, its been all over instagram. Anything dark on the lip or eyes has completely been on trend this winter and we think it’s super gorgeous. It’s also really universal and very seductive!
Adoreme Pairing:

Plum eyeshadow and dark colors make such a statement that paired with this simple black pajama set it will look great!

4. copper eyes: this trend is very casual and wearable but also so luxe and elegant. We love it with a combo of copper and brown shadow because it looks gorgeous for winter.

Adoreme pairing:

This copper tone plays so well with a bright and fun red!


Christine and Hailey ❤


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