4 Tips for Gorgeous Blog Photos (Without a Camera)

Hi guys! Welcome back to another blogging tips sort of post, I hope this will be helpful to anyone who is starting out, or if you don’t have a camera and are using your phone! Even if you have been blogging for ages, comment down below your own tricks for nice photos, since I am no pro here!

Backgrounds for Photos –

You can create backgrounds out of things you already own or cheap materials. A white background or marble one looks the cleanest. You can pick up a tile of marble from a home improvement store for $2 for pictures. I have this white leather stool (from Poppin!) that I always use the side of for pictures. You can use anything, so its worth experimenting!

Photo Editing –

VSCO is an app used by a lot of bloggers, and it is free! But you can also use your phone’s edit screen. First, add light, it will automatically make your photos look more polished. Chances are most of you have layout for Instagram which you can definitely use for creating a collage.

Here is a picture of a Too Faced lipstick, but look what happens in the photo when I add light.


Natural Light –
Natural light makes everything will look better and sharper.I n winter when it gets dark so early it is quite hard to take nice photos! Here is the solution: take pictures for a post in bunches when you have good lighting. Ex: take pictures of all the products you’re using in a tutorial that you’re posting Tuesday  while you have good lighting on Saturday morning.

Without natural light:

This photo is from my cleaning out my lipstick collection post! Click here  to check it out.

With natural light:

img_2624This photo is from my fave lippies for winter post! Click here to read!

Use the same Background for all Photos on your Blog –

One trick to easily make your blog come together is to always use the same background, if all your posts have pictures that use a universal one, it will make your blog seem so professional.

That’s all I have for you guys! Please leave a like and a comment if you found this helpful, I want to help any of you who need it! In a situation where you might not have cash to buy a nice camera, these tips will help make your pictures look professional and tie your blog together.

— Hailey 💄


44 thoughts on “4 Tips for Gorgeous Blog Photos (Without a Camera)”

        1. Hmm not exactly my area of expertise but I can try! I think any image that is clear and relevant to what you are discussing should be fine. Make sure it is high quality and I think your posts will look good 🙂

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  1. The same background trick is something I need to follow hehe. But your post was superb, love how you showed what you said 👍, been thinking of sharing a post like this myself.

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    1. Haha! Sometimes it is hard when the colors of products need different backgrounds. Thank you so much!! I’m glad you enjoyed. You definitely should! A lot of the times your followers who are just starting out will find that incredibly helpful!

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