Cleaning out my Makeup Collection for the New Year

Hello and welcome back to our blog! I want to thank all of you guys for reading and I hope I help inspire you all to clean out your own collections for the new year. I felt very cluttered and didn’t have any room to put any of my amazing Christmas palettes or new beauty items away so I decided it was time for a clean out.

I’ll show you guys how I organize soon after I figure out what I am doing!

Here is a before picture: (this is a crowded nightmare)

As you can see everything is spilling out of its rightful boxes! (Also you can see my feet, I’m sorry I forgot to crop out my mismatched socks and the random mess on the right)

Face makeup:

Passing along:


Too many!
Passing along:

I was on the fence with the colormates palette because although I never use it and it’s so old, it’s incredibly pigmented and I enjoy it when I do use it, so I’m just going to keep it and try to use it more.

Blush and highlight:

Passing along:

Passing along:


Holy sh*t I own way too many! For some reason I can’t ever get rid of mascara!

Passing along:


Again I own far too many of these! But I simply can’t part with eyeliner!

Passing along:Β 

In summary I’m passing along all of these:

Then everything goes into a LAST CHANCE BAG. In case I randomly decide to reach for anything I earlier decided to throw away. If I don’t use a product and it stays here for more than a month, I chuck it.Β This is an easy way to part with things if you sort of hoard items.

That’s all I have for you guys today! I’m glad to be sharing with you guys that for the month of January we will be able to upload three days a week, once on Saturday in addition to the Monday and Thursday. See you all very very soon and I hope you all enjoyed. If you began to enjoy this post at any moment then please hit the like button and follow for more!

— Hailey

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