2016 favorite hairstyles

2016 has been an amazing year for hairstyles. Many new and cute styles have been popping up and becoming trendy. I feel like 2016 has been the year for causal and chic yet messy hairstyles.

Here is a list of my 2016 favorite hairstyles.

  1. The Dutch Braid.

The dutch braid has beem becoming more ane more popular as the years go by. I feel like the dutch braid is am easy go to hairstyle for any occasion.
2. The space bun 

The space bun is another popular one. Its very cute and can be done in a pinch! Perfect for when youre short on time.
3. Half up half down bun 

This bun, lemme tell you. I use ALL THE TIME! I prefer my hair to be down, but during work or school, my long hair just gets in the way TOO much. This is my go to “get out of my face” do!
4.  Half up half down pony 

This hairstyle is also my go to hairstyle. For the same reason as the bun. I usually use this hairstyle if I’m too lazy to make it into a bun!

That’s it for my 2016 favorites! Lemme know down in the comments what your 2016 favorites were!


14 thoughts on “2016 favorite hairstyles”

  1. No matter how many times I try I can’t do Dutch braids,they look so pretty though! The half up ponytail is a massive staple for me though! Great post ,I love your writing style x

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  2. I’m forever wishing I could do dutch braids on myself (or at all for that matter), people online make it look so easy but I just can’t do it. It may be because I have thick hair or just that I simply can’t do it, but no matter how hard I try I seem to mess it up. It’s a shame because they look so lovely! I loved this blog post and I am obsessed with the marble theme on your blog ❤

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