Frizzy hair fix!


Winter is a rough time for hair. It gets dried out quicker than you can say “oh snap”. If you’re like me, you HATE frizzy-ness. Its horrible! One moment your hair is silky and soft, and the second your step outside, its clinging onto your hair!

While doing some last minute Christmas shopping at Tj Max I came upon Nutrient-rich coconut oil dry oil mist. Now im a sucker for anything that smells like coconut. And this bottle. OMG it smells like hawaii is in it. 

The second I got home I had to try it out. Like always, my hair was a frizzy mess. The bottle tells you to hold the bottle 6-8 inches away from your head while you spray it. For me I found 6 inches was too close. 8 inches was perfect. You don’t need to coat your whole head with it, or else it will look oily. I found if you do one spits at your scalp, one in the middle of your hair and then another at your tips it gives the best results.

After applying the spray I used a brush to  smooth it all out and give my hair a shiny silky finish.

A cool thing I found about this spray was that you can use it after your showers. What I did is dry my hair with a towel a bit before applying the spray. This spray I found for me helped dry me hair quicker with blow drying, while still holding the same effects. Instead of drying out my hair and making it frizzy. The spray quickly dried up the water and left my hair soft,shiny as silky.
Let me know down in the comments what you think!




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