Butter London Glazen Eye Gloss Review and Swatches

So many of you guys expressed interest in this in my november favorites! I love this product and for some of you who were on the fence about buying it hopefully this review and information will help you to make a decision.

The promise: this eyeshadow delivers wet look shine as a powder. It has a pudding like texture but dries instantly to a powder on your lid. Lasts all day, is crease resistant, build able and long wearing.

Price point: at $24 it is definitely considered a high end product.

After wearing this often, I love how versatile it is, because you can pack it onto your lid for a metallic tone or blend it out for a reddish brown warm shade that is a bit shimmery. You can use it in the crease and on your lid, and because it is so versatile I think it is definitely worth the cash. If you like to wear eyeshadow and red colored shadows this is a really good product and I highly recommend! My favorite is to use this in my crease and blend it out, then take a light shadow and put in on my lid. but for a more dramatic look, it is so pretty to put this on your lid and blend a darker brown into the crease.

It really does feel like pudding in the jar, but it dries to a powder super fast, so it is not like working with a cream shadow. It blends easily, and I don’t find it patchy in fact it is pretty pigmented. A little bit of this will go a long way, and you can apply it using your finger for the greatest shimmer or a brush for a more muted shimmer. It is definitely build able for more color and a more metallic feel.

On the left is straight out of the jar. Honestly this pic does not do that shadow justice! And the right is the color it leaves when you blend it out.

In terms of long wear, it lasts all day and does not smudge. It has not creased on me yet, even when I went without primer. I never go without primer, so I was incredibly impressed. Usually within a few hours all shadows will crease on me if I don’t, but this did not. Butter London says that all of their shadows are primer infused, at least for ones in palettes but I don’t know about these new glazen ones.

Overall I really do recommend this! I think it is definitely worth the money and it is such a pretty shadow. It’s also very unique and probably the only eyeshadow I have with this level of sparkle and its formula is not something you see everyday. If this shade is too bold for you, they have three others that are much more tame!

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–Hailey πŸ’„

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