De cluttering my Makeup collection – Lipsticks 


Hello everyone! Welcome back to our blog! Today’s post is inspired by things I’ve been seeing floating around on WordPress. After reading a few of these from other bloggers I realized that I have never cleaned out my makeup collection, and my lipsticks are overflowing my organization system 😂. I’m one of those people who just sort of accumulates lipsticks so let’s get into the organizing! (Please tell me other people just sort of collect lipsticks too 😂)

So here is my full lipstick collection:

Let’s start with matte/liquid lipsticks to break it down: 

I started out with 12, and I actually love most of these! Before I did this I never realized how hard it is for me to part with makeup! Keeping: 9/12

Passing along: 

The top two are the wrong shades for me and make me look slightly sickly, so definitely passing those along. As for ELF I wasn’t thrilled with the hot pink that this turned out to be.

Satin finish lipsticks: 

14 in total! Unfortunately I discovered that I did not like a lot of these and had some junk I was keeping around.

Keeping these nine! All of these are unique colors and I reach for them often, I made sure that everything I kept was moisturizing.

Passing along: 

Passing on these five! The Laura Geller lipstick is almost empty, I figured since I don’t reach for it anymore I’d pass it on. Th elf one is not moisturizing, the juice beauty one is dried out and the bare minerals is not a flattering shade on me. The Jane iredale one has completely changed colors since I got it, so I’m assuming that’s a bad thing ! Definitely passing along.

I ended up passing along 8 out of my 26 in total which I think is awesome. Now left with a much smaller collection of things I actually will use I’m totally pleased.

Thanks for reading everyone! I hope you guys enjoyed this post and if you are going to do it yourself comment below! If you at any point started to like this post at all please click the like button and I will see you guys soon!


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