Ahava Firming Eye Cream Review 

Hey everyone! Welcome back to our blog! I’m so grateful for all the support you guys have been giving on my posts and everything it’s awesome. So thank you so much! Today I’m going to be reviewing this eye cream I got a while ago from Ahava. A few of you guys wanted to see how well it worked out so I will be sharing my experience with it!

The promise: it promises intense hydration and wrinkle reduction with the added bonus of a youthful glow.

Price point: it retails for around 45-50 US dollars, more expensive than the kiehls creamy eye treatment and less expensive than the hyped up La Mer eye cream which sells at about 170-200 dollars.

Texture: it has a liquidy feel, it’s more liquid than a gel and goes on exceptionally smoothly. It also soaks up right away which I love.

Pros: It definitely does give intense hydration and seriously delivers results for me. It feels very luxurious and creamy on the skin and so much better than my previous eye cream. Unfortunately I’m in high school and have no wrinkles so I can’t test that one out for you guys. But it does reduce the hooding and puffiness of my eyes whenever I use it.

I only repurchase skin care products if they give me a result, and this definitely did. I went without it one night to see how much of an effect it had, and the difference was massive. My under eyes were creasy, less hydrated and felt so tight and dehydrated. When I finally had the opportunity to put this on it felt like heaven.

Cons: the packaging is a jar and is really unsanitary, I don’t like dipping my fingertip in every night to get product out. And I think mine even has a dog hair in the jar.

Overall I really like this product and I couldn’t find anything I disliked about it except for the packaging. If you do need a new eye cream then I highly recommend this one! It is possibly the best I’ve ever tried, but I haven’t tried out a ton of eye creams. Let me know your thoughts in the comments – what’s your favorite eye cream?

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, it’s been a long time since I’ve done a review! If you did be sure to like and follow for new posts every Monday! Also life update! I just got back from state championships for cross country. It was an amazing experience, and we got fourth place so I’m super proud of myself and my teammates.

— Hailey

32 thoughts on “Ahava Firming Eye Cream Review ”

        1. What’s amazing is two high school students running a blog on such a professional level. You guys are terrific, and being classical musicians helps to develop taste and sophistication as well, I am sure!


  1. Not a fan of jars here. Apart from hygiene issue, jar packagings also means the products will be less and less effective due to constant exposure to the air and whatnot.


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