Haul: New Beauty Buys from Ulta and Marshalls

Hello everyone! Welcome back to our blog. I’m really excited about this post because I have a lot of products to share with you guys that I have just been accumulating, from different brands and stores. I have a few makeup products, hair care and skin care products for you all to see! Most likely you will see these in upcoming posts. Thank you guys so much for 200 followers, it’s really fun to be writing to so many of you.

Makeup –


W7 eyeshadow palette –

I just got this a week ago and I really like it. The pigmentation isn’t fantastic but the colors build pretty well and I love how natural and pretty all of the shades are.

Naked 2 basics eyeshadow palette –

This is easily the product I’m most excited about! I have never been able to afford anything from urban decay and I finally bought this! I love how small and compact it is and how pigmented all of the shades are. All of them are matte which I love since I have far too many shimmery shadows but I need some nice matte transition shades.

Tarte Lights Camera Lashes –

repurchase of course! I totally recommend this mascara and I love it. This is my third tube I think and I go through this pretty quickly.

Dr. Hauscshka concealer stick –

I’ve been using this lately for my dark circles or for covering up small zits. It’s really handy and blends out super easily with just your finger so I am really liking it. It isn’t cheap, but I think it is worth the money.

Jane iredale brush cleanser –


I haven’t used this yet, but my brushes definitely need a washing, so I will be happy to post a review on how it worked. Its botanical and supposedly all natural which I’m pretty excited about since it will be gentle on my brushes.

Hair –


Mop basil mint shampoo –

This shampoo is what I’ve been using the last few times, and I am not sure I like it. It smells nice and definitely gets rid of the oils but my hair has been insanely dry and a bit frizzy the past couple weeks so I am not sure if this is the cause.

Mop basil mint conditioner –

This is amazing conditioner though! I’ve tried it out a couple times and it makes my ends so soft and silky and moisturized!

Mop pear detangler –

This product smells super nice and I did notice that it has helped my hair stay tangle free, so I look forward to using it more.

bio keratin dry shampoo -(Pictured below)

I used this in between when I washed my hair last week, and it worked really well. Im excited to use it more often and it will definitely save me time. It really increased volume in my hair so I recommend it.

Skincare –

Ahava Eye Cream –

I haven’t used this too much, but it feels so much softer and silkier and much more moisturizing than my old eye cream, so I will definitely be incorporating this into my skincare routine for the colder months.

The Body Shop almond hand cream –

This is the best hand cream I have tried so far, and it feels so moisurizing and luxurious on my hands. We all get cracked and dry hands and this is helping immensely!

Thanks so much for reading everyone! If you started to enjoy this post at any point then like and follow if you like some of our recent posts! Once again thank you for 200 followers, I can’t wrap my mind around that!


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