Full Face Drugstore – Easy Fall Glam

Hello everyone! Welcome back to our blog! The fact that now I’m writing posts to nearly 200 of you is so awesome! Thank you for following and and supporting us the past few months.

Today I wanted to share a really easy fall look with a dark berry lip that is completely drugstore. You can still create awesome looks with affordable products, so let’s get started! Everything pictured here that I use I believe is under $10.

First I started with my face makeup:

Rimmel BB cream 9 in 1 – I applied this and mixed it with a little bit of moisturizer because it is too dark for me currently and to give my skin a little bit of extra hydration since it is super cold here already!

Rimmel match perfection concealer – I used this underneath my eyes and as an eyeshadow base. I really like this concealer and I use it so often im almost out of it. Highly recommend this!

Revlon colorstay translucent powder – I use this to set my underage area and the rest of my makeup so it lasts all day. I would recommend this powder if you are looking for an inexpensive one!

Ellen Tracy contour palette -I used this to contour slightly, bronze my face and I used the blush shade in here to give me a rosy look.

Loreal Ture Match Lumi Illuminator  – this is one of my favorite drugstore highlighters! I would consider it a dupe for Benefits High Beam. I applied this on the tops of my cheekbones, forehead, nose and chin.

Next I did my eye makeup:

Colormates mineral eyeshadow palette – this palette was so cheap and the pigmentation is actually so good. I was incredibly impressed! I used the golden shade at the top right of the palette on my lid. Then I used the white highlight shade has a browbone highlight and in my inner corner.

W2 Making waves eyeshadow palette – this is a beautiful palette and it was super inexpensive! I used the lightest shade as a base for all my shadows and then applied the darkest color to my outer v. For a transition shade I used the light brown powder from my brow kit, it’s really pretty and looks great! This is a good hack if you are trying to save space on a trip.

These are two of the most affordabe palettes I own and I love both. Both of these were under three dollars – so they were quite the steal!

Physicians formula eyeliner – this liquid liner is super easy to use, I drew a thin line on my upper lash line for definition and to make my lashes look thicker.

Physicians formula pencil eyeliner – I applied this along the lower lash line to give definition before I applied mascara to my lower lashes.

Cover girl bombshell volume mascara – this gives my lashes so much volume. Today I used both sides of the mascara, both lengthening and volumizing. It makes your lashes super black, and I love the way it looks.

Elf eyebrow kit – this has replaced higher end brow kits! I love this and I use it everyday. I seriously recommend this product!


NYX lip crayon in the color bewitched – I love this deep shade, it’s also really moisturizing and has a matte finish. I applied a little bit of this and blended it out with my finger for a lighter berry shade.

Here is the finished look, I love it because it is natural enough to where it is great for going to school or work, but you can make it more dramatic very easily.

Thanks for reading everybody! I hope you guys enjoyed this post: leave a like or a comment if you did, and I will see you guys next time! Tell us what posts you want to see and suggestions, I’m willing to make a series for hooded eye tips or more affordable products.

24 thoughts on “Full Face Drugstore – Easy Fall Glam”

  1. Great post and I loved the detailed description of the products you used. NYX Lip crayon is just fab…I loved the color it gave that “Fall” season feel.❤️


  2. I’ve been trying to find some new brand makeup that is drugstore brand but more behind quality not the typical Covergirl but more behind quality not the typical L’Oréal or Covergirl something that gives me more of high-end vibe… if you have any suggestions please let me know


    1. NYX products often perform very well. I’ve heard amazing things about makeup revolution but I haven’t actually tried the brand and I’m not sure about the price point. Bh cosmetics might be a good option, their eyeshadow palettes are great and perform like a high end brand. Hope that was sort of helpful, I’ll let you know if I think of anything else!

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  3. Beautiful look! I recently nominated you for the Liebster 2016 Award! All of the information is posted on my recent post that you can find at I truly love your blog and I can’t wait to see what your answers are!
    Much love!


    1. Omg, I am so sorry it took so long to get back to you!! Your comment was put in spam so I did not see it! Aww thanks so much! I would love to do it, so far this blog has been nominated three times and we have never been able to get an award post up! Hopefully this time will be different. Thank you for the sweet comment!

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      1. It’s okay! You’re very welcome! I hope you guys get to do it because you definitely deserve it!! 😊❤️ I’m looking forward to it👍🏻


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