Favorite non – sticky Lipglosses for Fall!


Everything has been about the matte lip lately, and while I love rocking it, the rise of the metallic lip trend on Instagram has got me falling in love with the glossy sheen all over again! Today I’m going to share with you guys my top three lip glosses that I own that are non sticky and non drying. I hate sticky lip glosses and I assure you these aren’t sticky, won’t glue your mouth shut, but will give you tons of shine. Thank you guys so much for following, it’s incredible how many people are in our small community! over 170 of you guys! That is actually crazy.
Laura Geller lip pops in the shades Venetian Vino and Palazzo Petal – img_2240

the lip pops from Laura Geller are seriously so moisturizing. They have to be my absolute favorite. Their comparable to NYX butter glosses, but I love them because their high shine and moisturizing but not sticky in the slightest. I hate when lip glosses glue my mouth shut, or are so tacky and sticky that their uncomfortable! These are perfect for avoiding all of those. The only downside is they don’t last very long but no lipgloss really lasts a long time, for long wear I definitely prefer a matte.

Burts bees red lipgloss – 

this is a beautiful sheer red color that really livens up your look and adds crazy shine. Again it is non drying and definitely not sticky in the slightest. Besides it smells like orange and lasts for a good amount of time, so there is no going wrong with this one. This is the cheapest of the bunch and I think it is the easiest to apply on the go. The packaging is small and it is easy to throw into your bag when you leave the house.
Laura Geller high beams lipgloss in the shade Toasted Fig – 

this is so shiny and a beautiful shade. I love this for a natural look since it is a your lips but better color, with high intensity shine to bring the focus to your lips without seeming overdone. I absolutely love this! Laura Geller seriously knows how to do lip glosses, none of hers that I have tried are sticky at all, and is one is no exception. It is not drying either and is pretty moisturizing, definitely a bonus. If you want a glossy lip but aren’t a gloss girl then I recommend this one – it delivers the best shine and is easy to apply.
I am loving all of these glosses, I have been wearing them all the time! Toasted fig is seriously my favorite, I reach for that one so often. I’m actually wearing it right now as I’m writing! Hope you all enjoyed this post! Like and follow if you started to enjoy this post at any moment, and I hope to see you next time! Follow us on Instagram if you want @beauty_holics101 to see more of us. Thank you guys so much! We were nominated for another award but haven’t gotten around to posting it yet by the lovely astruewc and a sunshine blogger award but no time to post either of those! Sorry guys, we would love to accept your awards! Today might also be the last thursday post, we might start only posting on Mondays because school is so busy.
— Hailey 💄


18 thoughts on “Favorite non – sticky Lipglosses for Fall!

  1. I like Burts Bees so I might give their gloss a try!
    I really enjoy nyx butter glosses! They’re so smooth and non sticky. The moment I tried my first one I was in love!
    I reviewed my favorite lip products from the drugstore on my blog! Give it a look if you like! I’m sure there may be some things you’ll agree with. 💕


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