My Top Three Mascaras for Everyday!

Hi guys! Welcome back to our blog! It’s hard to believe how many people are in our little community now, thanks so much for all your support.

Eye makeup is some of my favorite, and as we all know, mascara has magical powers to make us look awake and alive even early in the morning! Today i am going to show you all how I normally do my mascara for the longest lashes with a lot of volume. There may or may not be a drugstore dupe in here, I’ll let you guys decide!

First I go in with my favorite mascara, Tarte Lights Camera Lashes. This is a great mascara for lengthening, at least I think so, so I use this first. I love the brush and it seperates my lashes very well. I won’t talk about this too much because I already have raved about this mascara enough in my last favorited post! This is kind of my base, some days I will go out with just this, but usually I add much more. I only use one coat of this mascara.

Now that my lashes are lengthened, I go in with a volumizing mascara. I use the Tarteist mascara by Tarte on some days and the Covergirl bombshell volume mascara on other days. I haven’t noticed any difference at all in the way my lashes look when I have one on one eye and one on the other. Here is a side by side comparison: can you tell the difference?

left: tarteist mascara right: covergirl one
The only thing I noticed is that the Tarteist mascaras brush separates my lashes more. But other than that there is hardly a difference at all. I use the ‘2’ side of the bombshell mascara which is the volumizing side.

At the end I seal everything with this expressionist mascara by well people. I love this mascara as a base because the brush separates your lashes really well, but usually I use it as a topcoat. It re separates all of my lashes and I know that this mascara is going no where. It doesn’t transfer.

It is not said to be waterproof but I have worn this while running in the rain with hardly any black running down my face. Love this mascara, it’s also all natural so if you are looking for a really good all natural one. I would suggest trying this one out. This is the mascara with my favorite brush of all time – it’s thin with a tapered edge so you can get into the inner corner and fans out your lashes extremely well. It also has a small little spiky ball on the tip to get the innermost lashes and the small ones at the very outer corners of your eyes.

Thank you guys so much for coming back to our blog! We got nominated for a liebster award ages ago but are trying to find time to post on it. Coming soon!

That’s it for my everyday mascara routine, I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Leave a like and a comment to share your holy grail mascara! Follow our blog if you would like to see more, and our Instagram if you want to see us on there, @beauty_holics101.

–Hailey 💄

10 thoughts on “My Top Three Mascaras for Everyday!”

  1. I may look into these mascaras, the last mascara I bought did not work out for me so I need a new one. Really informative post!


      1. The last one I tried was Too Faced “Better that sex”. Whenever I wear it, it goes completely clumpy unfortunately:/


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