•Essence review•


For all you High Schoolers, home coming is coming just around the corner. Or its already past!
But you know how key makeup is to setting your whole home coming look.

I recently went to Ulta (yes…again…) To look for makeup to go with my home coming dress.And they had a new brand on display. Essence. The whole cute look about it already drew me in, but then I realized their price.

The most expensive thing was $4.99!

The “say no to redness.” And the “say no to dark circles.” Were both $2.99 and they work like a charm!

The eyeliner stick was $3.99 and the gel nail inks were $1.99 each.
I feel like I had a complete SCORE with essence!
Let me know down in the comments if you have ever tried Essence, or if you’re planning on trying it out!



8 thoughts on “•Essence review•

  1. I’m glad you are writing about makeup. I was never taught a thing about makeup when I was young. It sure would have helped to have the internet to find someone who would talk about such things. Of course, that was 42 years ago or more.


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