Massive Tarte Haul from Hautelook

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Tarte is one of my favorite brands, I love their products. I got nine products for this haul, so it’s a pretty large one in my opinion. I ordered all of this stuff through the website Hautelook which has all of their products at almost half price so that is a huge discount! If you haven’t visited Hautelook they have discounted clothing, shoes, purses and makeup so I would definitely check them out.

1. Tarte pure maracuja oil rollerball –


I’m pretty excited to try this! Even though I’ve never heard of maracuja oil, it is supposed to renew and rejuvenate skin, get rid of fine lines and visibly improve skin texture, all while hydrating with vitamin C. It’s supposed to be used around the lips, nose and cuticles, so I’ll try it out. I’m very excited because during fall and winter my cuticles get so dry and flaky so maybe this will help hydrate them.

2. Tarte Lights Camera Lashes extending fibers (plusΒ brush) –


I bought this because I thought it would be pretty fun to try out. I really dislike wearing false lashes so I do what I can do avoid it. They always feel heavy and I don’t like it so I’m looking forward to trying this as a way to get that look. This could be a way to get the biggest lashes using only mascara! It also comes with this brush, which I am absolutely loving. It separates your lashes really well and really gets into hard to reach places like the inner corner.

3. Tarte brow toolkit –

Can we discuss how cute those mini tweezers are?

this product includes a clear brow wax, a grey brown powder and a brown powder. I swatched them and they are so pigmented and feel so soft. The darker brown is especially pretty, you could honestly use it as an eyeshadow if you wanted. On the bottom there’s a little drawer that pulls out to reveal a set of a mini spoolie, an angled brush and tweezers, so I think this is a must to throw in your makeup bag as it has everything for any sort of ‘brow emergency’.

4. Tarte lights camera lashes precision long wear liner –


this is absolutely perfect for that precise feline flick. It’s so thin and in felt pen form, and it’s easy to get the perfect cat eye. This is so pigmented, black and super bold, I love it! I tested a line out on my hand and tried to smudge it with my finge. It’s smudge proof! T. I’m loving the packaging and I can never have too much black liner so this was a win for me.

5. Tarte brow architect –


I love this, it reminds me of one of the Anastasia brow products, theΒ brow whiz I think. This has a spoolie on one end, an angled pencil to shape and then concealer as well for framing your brows. I’m always on the hunt for new brow products, although I love my elf kit, so we will see what happens!

6. Tarte BB tinted under eye corrector –


first of all the packaging was super cute so that’s a bonus. I’ve heard a lot of people like this but after trying it out it was so thick and didn’t feel light like I expected. Not loving this, so I’m going to give it away to my mom since I think she might like it better. I do love the concept of it having peach undertones though to cancel out the purple undereye bags. This also came with a concealer brush which may I just say is literally amazing. This blended out my concealer so well and it blended it quickly without sacrificing any coverage.

7. Tarte colored clay eyeshadow palette –



I love this, and I’ve already swatched it! Two of the shades are shimmery but I love all of them! The light pink and dark espresso brown are shimmery and they are gorgeous. The two taupe and light brown shades are matte finish. The pigmentation is really good and I think all of these shades are really wearable and pretty.

8. Tarte Amazonian butter double ended lip tint and creme in the shades rosy mauve and neutral peach –


this is one of my favorite products that I got honestly, and I got it in two pink shades. These lipsticks are so hydrating and I love them! The gloss wasn’t sticky which I really enjoy and I’m extremely excited to wear these.

That’s it for my haul today guys, I’m so excited about all of these products and you will definitely be seeing all of these at some point in future tutorials or posts I’m certain! Thanks to everyone for reading and I hope you guys enjoyed this haul. Also we are both so excited to have like over 70 followers now it is so exciting and we never thought that we would get this far so thank you to every one of you for following our blog and coming back every time we post!

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24 thoughts on “Massive Tarte Haul from Hautelook”

        1. Neither did I until they contacted me. They sent me their facial oil and I swear to god, I fell in love. I can’t top it. And I buy a ton of oils but hers is just really great. You should reach out to them, ask for a sample or tell them you blog and they may share one and you can fall in love too! LOL

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    1. You definitely should try their brand out when you get the chance, I love a lot of the products. I would recommend the Tarteist mascara and the lights camera lashes mascara by them. I also love using that maracuja oil as a cuticle oil, in only a couple nights I’ve seen a major difference πŸ™‚

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