My Skincare Routine for Dry Skin + General Tips

Hi guys! Welcome back if you are returning and welcome if you are new here! I thought this post might be helpful for those of you looking for better ways to hydrate your skin as we move into the colder months of the year. (no more dry flaky patches!) As well as show you my personal routine I also have a couple of extra tips that everyone can follow.

Lets start with nightly skincare, I wash my face every single night. Before I wash it though, I like to remove all my makeup from the day so I don’t go to bed with anything on. 

I use this and a small triangular sponge to remove my eye makeup gently.

I started using a cream cleanser to wash my face recently, since I learned that gel cleansers and foaming ones are more drying. I find that creams are really gentle and relaxing. Recently I shifted to using this Juice Beauty Cleansing Milk, which is what I use now. It’s so gentle and leaves my skin feeling super soft and clean, and it also gets off any excess makeup that I didn’t get off earlier.

This cleanser feels so soft on my face and it feels extra hydrated afterward!

Usually I use a toner as well, down my neck and on my face, but to be honest I sometimes forget. I usually only use a toner at night, they are only necessary in the morning and night if you have acne prone or sensitive skin. It’s important to avoid a toner that has alcohol in it though, because will just make your skin even drier. If your skin is getting super dry after you just started using a product, it is likely the alcohol in it which is affecting your skin. I didn’t realize how important toners were until I looked them up, apparently they balance our your skins PH after cleansing and prep it for moisturizing.

I might not repurchase this, it wasn’t amazing.

Then I use a moisturizer, and an eye cream before I go to sleep. The moisturizer that I use is by a company called Organic Surge, and it feels really creamy and hydrating. I only use this at night because it is thick.

Love love love this! Try to use products designed for your skin type – this one is formulated for dry/mature skin.

I’m using this ole Hendrickson eye cream, but I’m almost out of it. Feel free to leave recommendations in the comments for me to try out! I think an eye cream is especially important especially as it gets into the fall and winter when your skin dries out more, of course anything will help underneath your eyes. I suggest you start using an eye cream if you don’t already!

This feels so luxurious on my face!

After eye cream I usually spot treat any small zits since I get a few once in a while. Doing this step at night helps to get rid of them by morning. I use the zap side of the jane iredale zap and hide concealer to get rid of blemishes. You can read my review of this product here: jane iredale Zap & Hide Concealer Review

The zap side really does help clear any blemishes!

In the morning, I usually wash my face now that I’m wearing more face makeup than before and I want it to go on smoothly.  But for a long time I didn’t wash my face in the morning, because I had heard that only washing it once at night kept it more hydrated. If you don’t wear a lot of foundation or face makeup and don’t need it to go on smoothly then you definitely can skip washing your face in the morning. If you do choose to do it like I have, then I would again use a cream cleanser. I use this Neutrogena one, which I really like. It feels so soft on my face and I feel extra clean afterward. Neutrogena is one of my favorite skincare brands, so I always use their face washes or other products like my cleansing face oil. 

This cleanser does exactly what it promises, and doesn’t dry out my complexion at all.

For extra hydration in the morning before I do my makeup I use a facial mist. A cream just feels too heavy on my skin, so I use this instead. This mist  is lightweight and gives me a moisturized, dewy finish which I love. I’m using this Pure Mineral Facial Mist by Body Prescriptions.

This works great as a light A.M. moisturizer, soaks right in and is very lightweight.

Every week, especially during the school year and the drying fall months I do a hydrating or rejuvenating mask. This one is really nice, it always leaves my skin feeling super soft and tight. For a homemade one sometimes I do an egg white mask, which is incredibly tightening and feels so good on your face! I can do a diy if you like, just comment below and ask.

I only use a mask once a week, but this one leaves my skin so soft and firm. I love it!

I never noticed how many products I used until I wrote this out! I also try to only use organic things on my face, especially with moisturizers and other things that are going to be absorbed into my skin. Sometimes parabens and sulfates can be super harmful!

That is it for my skincare routine, I hope you guys enjoyed it. And maybe learned something new, that’s the best! Comment down below if you have any questions or anything, and follow for new posts every Monday and Thursday! Thank you guys for all your support! 

— Hailey πŸ’„

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