No knot detangler


If you have long hair,  you will know how PAINFUL trying to brush out all your knots can be.
Trust me I’ve been there, done that,  and sure as heck don’t wanna go back!

If you have problems with knots and tangles I suggest you use FROMM’s no knot and detangler brush.

My hair is just getting to the length where those knots REALLY start to hurt,  but I find with this brush it helps get all of them out,  pain free!

This brush not only helps keep those pesky knots away, but it also brushes out all your dead hairs.

Because if you’re like me,  you shed like crazy.

I’ve found that since I’ve been using this brush I haven’t been shedding as much.

Which I really like!

I highly recommend this brush to those of you who have knotty hair or shed a lot.
Let me know down in the comments if you use this brush, and if it helps you.




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