Hair growth shampoo review 


I have EXTREMELY thick hair. It’s not even funny. And has the weather gets warmer, it gets harder for me to have the long hair I enjoy so much.
This time I did not go to my normal hair dresser because I needed my hair off RIGHT THEN AND THERE. so I went to a local hair salon. Only wanting a trim,  less than an inch!

So that is what I told the hair dresser,  I only wanted the very tips of my hair cut off.

It was too late when I noticed she had cut off 3 inches!  I was horrifed!  My hair is my most prized possession and she cut 3 inches of it off.

I tried  every “diy grow your hair out fast. ” pin out there. And yes some of them worked,  but not at the pace I wanted it to, because I am very impatient.

Then I came upon this Shea Moisture shampoo at none other than Ulta. It is Jamaican and helps to grow and strengthen your hair. This shampoo also has no sulfates,  no parabens,  no phthalates,  no propylene glycol,  no mineral oil,  not animal tested and no petrolatum.

This shampoo worked wonders on my hair!  It grew 2 inches in just a few days!

Not to mention it smells like heaven.

I would recommend you uses this every two days for the best results, also be sure to let it sit for 2 minutes before washing it out,  and let your hair dry naturally .
Let me know down in the comments if you’ve ever used this and how it has worked for you.  Or if you are planning on using this.




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