Quick and Goofproof School Makeup for Busy Mornings

School hasn’t quite started for us yet, but it will soon! Today I’m going to share the makeup routine I usually do when I’m pressed for time on busy school mornings. To be fair, the mornings don’t have to be busy but I am definitely one of those girls who sleeps as long as possible and then figures out how to get out the door! (Anyone else like that? comment down below!) Today’s look is really simple, (I like to call it goofproof since there is no way you can mess it up) only using five products. Of course makeup has no rules and you can skip bronzer or add concealer, do whatever you like, this is just a baseline!


First I start off with a CC cream, this has SPF 30 so I like to wear it during the cross country season when I know I’ll be running outside. Foundation feels too heavy on my face, besides I never feel like I need the coverage so I just skip it in favor of this, which has lighter coverage. This is the Juice Beauty CC cream which promises to repair damage, improve skin tone and texture and even out your skin tone. It is also great for all skin types so I would recommend this for anyone! If you don’t want to wear foundation but still want some coverage then this is a really good option.


Next I apply a bit of bronzer and highlight from this Ellen Tracy Contour Kit, just adding a little bit of warmth to my face. Because I used such a light coverage product on my face the natural redness on my cheeks still peeks through and prevents me from needing any blush! You can totally skip this if you want, but as someone who lacks warmth in their face I usually bronze. Just sweep it on the edges of your forehead then right below your cheekbones!


Brows are next, usually I comb them through with a spoolie and then just apply some eyebrow wax from this ELF kit. You can skip this if you have naturally full and dark brows, just comb them.  I actually love Elf, their makeup is all cruelty free and super inexpensive, so if you are a beginner to makeup and don’t want to spend a lot of money then this brand is definitely for you! If you haven’t really shaped your brows before, school mornings aren’t really the time to learn so just brushing them through will look good for now!


Next I apply mascara, if you have naturally dark lashes you can curl them and just leave them alone if you like! My favorite mascara is the Tarte Lights Camera Lashes but any drugstore one will work just fine, I’ve found some drugstore mascaras that perform better than a few high end ones that I’ve tried.


Lastly I apply lipstick, when I’m in a hurry I rarely do a dark lip or a bold one, just a simple pink or nude to help me look put together. This one is by Laura Geller, and oh my gosh these lipsticks are so creamy and moisturizing, I’m in love! This color is a pink mauve nude color which I really love.


Tweak this look however you like and play around with it, this whole routine will take me about ten minutes, which is perfect since that is usually about how much time I end up having to do this. This is perfect if you really want to put on some makeup and appear pulled together when you have a short time to do it. This can also double as a no – makeup makeup look if you want it to! If you are beginning with makeup and want to wear some, then this is a good place to start as well.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and thank you for reading! Follow us if you want to see more, we try to be positive and post content that you guys will like. If you have any suggestions or things you want to see from us then leave them in the comment section below and we can try to make those happen! We also will be doing more combined posts soon, since it’s been forever since we have done one! Also thank you guys so much for all of your support – sixty followers! That’s so exciting and we are both so grateful!

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14 thoughts on “Quick and Goofproof School Makeup for Busy Mornings”

  1. Love this post! I did a school makeup post too. I especially like the ELF Brow Kit. I’ve had my eye on it for a while. Would you recommend it?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ll check out your post! And I would definitely recommend it, I love it! Not only is it really cheap but it honestly has replaced my higher end brow products that were more expensive. Definitely a must have!


  2. I wanna know your favorite drugstore mascaras. It’s about time I replace mine and I really like the elf brow kit. I think I might start to pair it with the essence brow gel that’s supposed to dupe Benefit!


    1. Oh I can definitely do a post on that! I don’t own a lot of them but I can review the ones I have for you! I love the elf brow kit, honestly it compares so well to some by high end brands. And I didn’t know that essence was supposed to dupe benefit! Thanks so much 🙂

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      1. I have only tried one drugstore one in the past like 7 years so I’m looking for something good with no flaking and that doesn’t leave dark circles at the end of the day!

        Liked by 1 person

  3. I really love these shades! Also I am the exact same way in the AM! finding a 5 min makeup routine is so key! Looking forward to your next post!

    Liked by 1 person

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