You are beautiful 

So many girls view themselves as “ugly” because of today’s depiction of an average size body. Everywhere you turn you see beautiful models and wish you could be like them. Or you envie the way your friend, or a girl at the coffee shop looks.  Online so many people tells girls they aren’t beautiful if their thighs don’t touch, if they dont have big lips, if they arent tan enough, tall enough, etc. This is a load of crap! If your thighs touch.YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! if youre super tall, or short. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! So what if you have a tummy? At least you arent like some of those models who starve themselves just to look “pretty”.
I remember in middle school I would try every morning while getting ready,because I thought I wasn’t as pretty as my friends. I would always be worried of how my thighs looked while i was sitting. Any time I looked down I would get super depressed. I remember hating summer. I hated it because summer meant new swim suits, and that ment looking at my stretch marks. I dont even have bad stretch marks,but it still affected me. I would constantly ware dressed because they hid my thighs.

How messed up is that? I was only in middle school! Young girls around the world are being brainwashed, they are believing these horrible lies.
As a middle schooler, and even now I’ve  been under weight. My thighs still touch, but I don’t care.

That is how im built. And I am beautiful.

You are beautiful!

You are beautiful tall or short, tummy or no tummy, pale or dark, scars or no scars.

There in so such thing as a flaw on your body.

You are perfect. You are beautiful. Anyone who says you arent is just jealous.

But they are beautiful.

People are like snowflakes. We are all unique in our own special way.

Marilyn Monroe was and still is considered one of the most beautiful women in the world.  And her thighs touched,  she had a tummy.  And she was confident!

Audrey Hepburn was very skinny,  but she was still beautiful!
Don’t try and hide your beauty by trying to be something and someone you’re not.

Be you!

Because when you’re being you,  your beauty shines so so so bright!

Be confident in how you were made.

Strut your beauty.
You are so beautiful

No matter what.

7 thoughts on “You are beautiful ”

  1. I think every girl needs to read this post because it’s so true and think people need reminding! I think there is so much pressure to look a certain way these days and I admit I get that sometimes 😞 your blog has made me put things in perspective and that we should all appreciate how we look and if we feel beautiful then it’ll show on the outside? I love the Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn pics- they’re sooooo beautiful and classy😍😍😍 xx


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