Tarte Tarteist Mascara Review



I love Tarte mascaras, my holy grail one is their Lights Camera Lashes, so of course when picked this one up I was super excited. I’d been hearing so much about this on YouTube and on WordPress so I was eager to try it out. Let’s get into the review!

This mascara promises to curl, lengthen and blacken your lashes as well as increase volume by 2700%.


This does make your lashes very black, according to Sephora it is infused with mineral pigments to make it three times blacker. No lie there! The mascara made my lashes jet black, which I actually love because they’ll blend with black false lashes a lot easier for a flawless look.


If you are a fan of clumpier lashes then you probably won’t like this brush since it separates every lash. This brush makes it easy to coat the tips of the lashes and also the inner and outer corner, so that’s a pro. I never buy a mascara without looking at the brush first, so I took a super close up for you guys to see:



I think it might have kept my lashes a little more curled than normal, but it wasn’t a big enough difference for me to notice instantly and be like “wow”. The curl was maintained throughout the day so that’s a bonus if you have hard to curl lashes.


I don’t know if that actually is a word, but I like it so I will continue to use it 😂. There is a big difference between one coat of this and two coats, I think it’s very buildable and I do like that.


One thing that I didn’t particularly like is that the formula comes out gloppy on the brush  and it seemed to have too much product on it at first until you worked it through your lashes. It has a nice creamy consistency, I like the formula overall.


I was impressed with the volume, I did feel like the mascara made my lashes fluffier and bigger, which I did really like. I will say that if you’re looking for a great volumizing mascara, this is it!

How it looks on my lashes:


I don’t have any other makeup on except mascara, so ignore those brows that I didn’t do!

Staying Power:

So far I haven’t experienced too much flaking, but a bit, for the price I don’t think it should flake at all, so I’m a bit disappointed.  It stays blacker than black for a long time and the color doesn’t fade.This is the only con! I can’t stand flakes.

The Bottom Line:

I would recommend this mascara if you are looking for one that will make your lashes jet black, and for a curling mascara. I think it gave the right amount of volume for me, but if you like clumpier lashes then this mascara is for you.  Although there are a few cons to this I would recommend it, the flaking was an issue for me, if you wear contacts it might not be the best mascara for you either. I wore it when I had my contacts on and it really bugged my eyes, so what I plan to do is after applying it, go in with one coat of another mascara just to ‘glue’ everything in place.

That’s all for this review, see you guys soon and I hope you enjoyed this! If you did then click the follow button down below and like this post! There are a few related posts down below as well so click those to see more. Follow us on Instagram if you want to see what we will be posting ahead of time @beauty_holics101

— Hailey 💄





13 thoughts on “Tarte Tarteist Mascara Review

  1. Hey Hailey, useful post. I used to put on MaxFactor mascaras previously, then I found out the Kiko company, located in Italy, unfortunately they do not export, so whenever I get the chance to go there, I replenish my beauty kit. I really have had a tough time finding the one suited to me, so I find it helpful, you describing every detail of the product so girls will know what to expect from it.


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