NYX high voltage lipstick review


Ulta is one of my favorite stores. I love all it has to offer.
Legit Ulta owns half my wallet. I have an Ulta obession and I’m not afraid to admit it!

During this Ulta spree I went to the clearance section and they had a TON of NYX lipsticks on clearance!  And they were only about $2.99.  So of course I took it!

Once I got home I tried it on and wasn’t surprised by the color. It was a very bright red,  but it wasn’t too bright that it looked bad. But I would say if you have fair skin this may stick out a lot.

A flaw I found with this is the cap!  It won’t really stay on,  I have to put tape on it just to keep it on.

All in all I feel this is a good product,  if you have fair skin though I wouldn’t recommend this product.
Let me know down in the comments what you think of this NYX lipstick!




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