Lip tint review


Okay girls, I know I’m not the only one who its SUPER annoyed when you put on lip stick and it comes off on drinks or food. Like you spent so long getting yourself all put together, and your lipstick comes off within seconds.

I saw a video about lip tints about a year ago and found them interesting. I mean it makes your lips look darker, but doesn’t come off.

I just had to have it!

Upon browsing on and found a set of lip tints for a dollar.

At first I was a little bit skepical at first. Because this site has AMAZING deals.

But I ordered it anyway.and to my surprise it did come in! Although it took a little over a month to get here, only because it was being shipped from the Netherlands.

I tried the red tint first.

All the tints are extremely messy to put on.  They also stain your teeth if you don’t keep your mouth open while it dries.

So if you don’t want to look like you drank blood.. Keep your mouth open when it dries.

Other than those two flaws the product worked really well.
Have you ever tried a lip tinter?



4 thoughts on “Lip tint review

  1. I’ve always read about these lip tints but never felt like trying! Now I’m dying to try them out, although, I don’t want to look like I have blood on my teeth. Even though Vampires are my all time favorite creatures! 😂 xx


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