Dutch braid tutorial 


Uploading…Dutch braids have been SUPER trendtrendy this year. Thanks to Kim K. And these braids have also become one of my favorite braids to do, because they can go with any outfit! Lazy look to formal occasion, a dutch braid will go with it!
Here’s how you do it!!:

  1. Part your hair down the middle, i use a comb with those little sticks, but you can use whatever works best for you.
  2. Once your hair is parted in the middle, tie off whatever side you are not working on. I find tying off the section I’m not working with helps so that no other hair is added.
  3. With the section you have not tied off, grab a small section by your forehead and split it into three parts, like how you would begin a normal braid
  4. Bring the bottom strand under to the upper strand
  5. Add in a small chunk of hair by your top strand (the strand by your roots) then bring it under
  6. Add in a small section to your bottom strand and weave it under to the upper strand
  7. Continue these steps for your whole head

Tip: if you hage fly aways after or before braiding your hair use a little bit of hair spray to tame it.

This hair style is perfect for school has well!
Let me know down in the comment if this hair tutorial has helped you!



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