Mini Marshalls Makeup Haul!

Now this is not a store you would usually think of for makeup, it’s mainly a bargain shop for clothing, shoes, purses and other accessories. Naturally (I must have some sort of internal compass) I steered myself toward the makeup aisle, looking for any sort of product that looked interesting. There were a few well known brands such as Kat Von D, and Stila but a ton that I didn’t know at all! It was very exciting finding a whole bunch of cosmetics from a couple of companies I hadn’t heard of, and discovering they were actually great products.

I only bought four things, but im pretty excited about all of them! So let’s get started.

1. Ellen Tracy contour palette


I actually love this so much, I tested out the shades on my fingertips, surprised to find that they were super buttery and pigmented. Two of the shades are shimmery, and two are matte. It looks like there’s a highlight shade, a dark blush or shimmery bronzer, then a cool/neutral toned brown and a warm toned brown. The highlight shade on the top is amazing from what I tried, just a little on my cheek bones.Check out how big that mirror is, I think I’ll definitely take this along while traveling. If you follow us on instagram you might have seen this early!

2. Ellen Tracy Color Correcting palette


I decided to pick this up because I get a lot of redness so the green is what I will use most. This palette comes with six shades, a taupe concealer, a darker beige, a yellowish golden tone, a mint green, a light purple and a cotton candy pink. the pigmentation on this palette was good and everything is super creamy and build able. It’s also very blend able when you put it on your face, so i’d say I’m pretty pleased with this product.

3. Stila Got Inked Cushion Eye Liner


i picked this up in the color 715A which is the color Garnet Ink. It doesn’t come out that red, it was more of a purple brown color. The reason I bought this was because it looked so interesting – it’s basically a cushion compact eyeliner. In order to get product out you have to push down a bit on the little cushion inside and then liner will come out onto your brush.


4. Style Essentials All About Eyes neutral eyeshadow palette


This is probably the product I’m most excited about! It was super cheap, and there is 28 eyeshadows. I love that I can use all of these shades for various looks and that the possibilities are endless. There are ten matte shadows, most of which are light but there is a couple dark ones. T I just love this! As soon as I got it I tried out a gold fading to brown -black smokey eye look and I have to say that the shadows were really buildable.  Overall these are super blendable, buildable, non chalky and really smooth. This entire palette was $6.99, so I’m incredibly impressed.

That is everything for my Marshalls beauty haul, I will definitely be going there for more makeup in the near future, everything was so inexpensive! like if you enjoyed and leave a comment to share your thoughts! If you liked this post then check out some related ones and follow for more content! We post every Monday and Thursday and sometimes on days in between.

— Hailey



10 thoughts on “Mini Marshalls Makeup Haul!”

  1. I’ve also found amazing makeup products at Marshalls! If you ever get the chance to try the 12 eyeshadow palette by Ellen Tracy, snatch it up! It is so pigmented, so luxurious, and so long-lasting. I’m gonna post a review of it soon but if you see it, I think you’ll love it! ❤


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