Benefit High Beam Review + swatches + dupe!

Hi guys, welcome back if you are returning! And welcome to our blog if you are new here! If you like this content and some previous posts, then follow and comment any thoughts! Since this is a post you’ve probably all seen before I decided to add in a drugstore dupe for the high beam just to make it a little more interesting. I know this is an older makeup product but I love it, so I thought I’d share it with you.


This item is definitely not one purchased from the drugstore, but I think it was worth the price because of how much product you get. I’m not convinced I can actually make it through a whole bottle! I’ve had mine for a few months and it still looks exactly like new, as if I had never unscrewed the lid! (I bought mine at a Benefit counter within Macy’s for $26). The saleswoman at Benefit told me she had used hers for almost two years every day and still had product left! Upon first impression, it looked like a pearly nail polish, and I thought to myself hmm well how will this end up working? Fast forward ten minutes and I’ve already bought the thing and started driving home. This product is a staple in my routine when I’m going out for a fancy dinner, special event, or for days when a glowy summery makeup look is required. I generally wear it everyday, although only a little bit. I usually use more every day now that it’s summer time, gotta get the summer glow on point!

Alongside bronzer it looks gorgeous, and since I do have dry skin, a glow is very hard to obtain. With this product it is much easier to get that radiant look that I really want. If you have fairer skin, this is perfect for you. With a pinkish tinge, it is going to work better for people with cooler or neutral undertones. It won’t look fake at all as long as don’t apply too much at once, and I find it looks so natural on the skin. It is just like a cream blush, if you don’t blend small amounts on and slowly add more it will wind up looking fake and sometimes if it’s way too much, a little bit trashy.

Just for comedy, let’s review something my brothers said about this. My younger brothers made fun of me for my face looking as they said, reflective, which goes to show how brightening and gorgeous it is!

Swatched in natural light, but looks gorgeous in artificial light as well

If you have never highlighted before, this is a good place to start, with a liquid highlighter. Although if you haven’t bought any highlighters before, I recommend getting one from the drugstore first before spending a lot on a high end one that may not look the best on your skin. instead of using a brush or having to deal with using any sponges, you can use your fingers, just pat the product in with your fingertips. Rubbing is definitely a no no, although that might get the product to sink into your skin quicker, it won’t be as well blended and can look a bit streaky once you step away from the mirror. Under lights or outside, the streakiness will be apparent and it won’t look as perfect. Trust me, the extra thirty seconds it takes to pat the highlighter into the skin are well worth it.

There is slight shimmer, but it’s more of a brightening sheen than just chock full of glitter, which makes it look more natural and gives you a glossy, flawless finish. Since I have never tried this product on someone with a deeper skin tone, I don’t know how well it works, Benefit has some other products that come in liquid form and are for luminizing, such as the sun beam, and the moon beam (which may or may not be available). The Benefit Sun Beam highlighter be a great alternative to the High Beam if you have warm, dark skin tones or deeper, olive skin tones. The only way to decide for sure if this highlighter will work for you is to go to a Benefit counter and try it, makeup will look different on everyone, so I encourage you to sample it first before buying.

here is the applicator, it really does look like a nail polish brush to me. But it is easy to dot on your cheeks and then blend it in.



Benefit also has another highlighter, which I have not tried, called the Benefit Dandelion Shy Beam liquid highlighter, which promises a more matte and natural sheen. I think would look really gorgeous on someone older who simply doesn’t want all the shimmer, since that will settle into fine lines and make them more apparent.

As promised Benefit High Beam highlighter is definitely high intensity and gorgeous! I love it, while it’s not necessary to have in your makeup collection, I do think it is a must for summer and even winter (if you have the budget) to get that beautiful radiant glow, but you can also get a drugstore dupe if it is out of your price range.

The bottom line: I genuinely love this and would recommend it to anyone who has skin on the fair side, cooler to neutral undertones and wants a dewy lit-from-within glow. It is well worth the money and the bottle will last a long time, making the higher price not as big of a deal.  If you have  warm undertones then I would definitely recommend the Benefit Sun Beam highlighter.

Drugstore dupe – L’oreal True Match Lumi


This is an amazing product, and for less than half the price of the High Beam highlighter I think this is definitely worth it. I keep finding myself reaching for this instead of my Benefit one! It feels more moisturizing and I actually really am enjoying this. Both of these products have cool undertones, but there is another color which has warm undertones and is similar to the Benefit Sun Beam.

Time for swatches! Highlighter swatches are fun for me, I love seeing how shimmery everything is. Doesn’t it look identical to the high beam’s swatch? It’s just as illuminating and I think it’s worth double value since you can use it as a primer as well. I love this and use it sometimes more often than my Benefit highlighter!

I accidentally swatched this one with a lighter hand, but they both look great on your skin.

That’s it for today guys, I hope you liked this post and stay beautiful until next time!

(I did a lot of swearing at wordpress during this post because the page kept randomly reloading, I couldn’t upload pictures, couldn’t insert pictures and kept getting messages saying that the draft wasn’t saving. All very exciting)

nonetheless I’m happy to get this up for you guys and I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to comment down below any thoughts, leave a link to your own blog or say whatever you want!

— Hailey 💄