My Opinion and Review of the Tarte Creaseless Eye Primer



Previously as you guys know I had been using this old discontinued primer from It cosmetics, which is a great brand, but I seriously needed a new one. Anyways let’s move on! Today’s post will be a tarte eye primer review. According to their website, this eyeshadow primer is a best seller, so I knew I had to try it out, since my shadow creases awfully fast.

Tarte is actually one of my favorite high end companies. I really like them since all of their products are paraben free and free of some other chemicals like mineral oil, synthetic fragrances and sulfates. Their packaging is apparently eco friendly as well so that’s a bonus, besides they are the maker of my holy grail of all time mascara. (Speaking of which I just ran out and have to go to Sephora and get more. Immediately.)

Packaging: so this is the cutest package! It is also pretty big in size for a shadow primer, a little bit larger than the Too Faced shadow insurance primer. You get quite a lot of product since you only need to use a tiny tiny amount for your lid. 9/10, since it is cute and functional.


Lasting power: I absolutely love this because it has stayed creaseless for hours. Without a primer, my eyeshadow creases in about an hour. With this stuff it has stayed creaseless all day, so I am incredibly impressed. I would recommend this if you have a larger budget to spend on makeup. 10/10. I am so impressed. This stuff about knocked my socks off.

Price: it is pretty expensive, $20, but this package will last a long time, even if you are using it everyday. The tiniest bit on my finger is enough for one whole eyelid, and a little goes a long way.


This might even be more than enough for your lid

This stuff made my daily eyeshadow go on so smoothly and blend really easily. It’s been eight hours since I applied my makeup, and still no creases at all. With my old primer it took a lot longer to blend my shadow, and it ended up creasing after 5-6 hours, but it was better than nothing. I think with this product it took half the time to blend my eyeshadow, as promised it definitely makes a clean slate for you to use as your canvas, besides it is lasting the time that it promised it would (12 hours). In terms of appearance, (my shadow was neutral brown in the crease with a bright lid and inner corner today), it looks absolutely flawless, smooth and blended.This primer also made it easier for me to create the gradient and well blended look we are all after in terms of eyeshadow.

If you are having problems blending your eyeshadow or it is coming out patchy, then I would definitely recommend this to you! I know I’ll be using mine every day, because it really made a big difference.

I tested this product on a hot sunny day, and I’ve been sweating all day, it’s incredibly hot out! Yet this stuff has still kept my eyeshadow on. I have to say that the colors still look as vibrant and pigmented as they did this morning when I put my makeup on, and there is no creases at all.

Just to keep it real, because everything is not perfect about products, I did have one thing I found that I didn’t like. The only con about this product is the fact that you have to shake it before you use it if you haven’t used it for a while, like a day or two. If you don’t, then the contents settle and it comes out separated when you go to apply it. For the best results, I suggest shaking it and then applying it to the lid, you can apply eye shadows immediately right after and they will look really great. I just can’t get over how smooth and blended everything looks! I love it, so if you are after a great primer from a brand that is paraben free then I recommend this.

The bottom line: this is a great product, and I do recommend it. I know that it is making its way into my everyday routine and it is much better than the eyeshadow primer I was using before. I think you will love it if you try it and that it is a good investment. The pros definitely outweigh the cons and I think the promise made by the packaging was upheld.

4 thoughts on “My Opinion and Review of the Tarte Creaseless Eye Primer

  1. Great review! I have the shy beam and I really like it too! I haven’t been using it as much lately, since I am more into the glow of illuminizing highlighters, but it was really good for giving my skin a natural looking matte highlight. I’ve wanted to try out the high beam, though!


    • Aww thanks for the comment! I’m glad you enjoyed. I would recommend the high beam but there is so many cheaper dupes that work just as well so I’m not sure if it really is worth the money! And I’ve been meaning to try the Shy Beam, it looks so pretty!


    • No it didn’t feel silicone like at all, it felt kind of like a moisturizer and very creamy. That’s great! I love wet n wild stuff, especially that it is so inexpensive
      Thanks so much!
      And I definitely will 🙂


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