Butter London ‘Pretty Proper’ Palette Review and Swatches

Hello guys! So I aquired this palette from Butter London cosmetics a bit ago and wanted to tell you my thoughts on it. Today’s post will be a Butter London pretty proper palette review!


This eyeshadow palette is a cool toned mix of shades, since I have cooler undertones, these shades look great on me. For someone with warm undertones, there is another Butter London palette with warm toned shadows, which is on their website.


  • three matte shades
  • one shimmer
  • two sheens
  • Price point: $39 (cheaper than most high end palettes, usually $44-$55)

Let’s start with the three matte shades, I found them just a little bit chalky. But their pigmentation was good and they are a great base for starting an eye look.

Moving onto the sheens and shimmer, I found these shades to be buttery and smooth, which I really enjoyed. Sometimes shimmer shadows can be less smooth and not pigmented at all. I thought the pigmentation was good, it wasn’t spectacular but it was definitely good.

Butter London Pretty Proper palette swatches –

Top Row:

Top row of the palette swatched from left to right: Chantilly Lace, Suede, Brocade

The bottom row of the palette: my favorite color in this entire palette is the espresso sheen, I think it is so gorgeous!

Bottom row of palette swatched from left to right: Cashmere, Satin and Velvet

One thing that I felt was missing from the palette was a highlight shade, but the palette is fully customizable and you can take out the shadow pans, replace them, or add a bronzer and/or blush, so this issue is completely fixable. I find that really cool since you can make the palette yours and then take that on a trip while saving space, filling it with your favorite three shadows, a highlight shade then a blush and bronzer. These are all the original colors though for the purpose of this review!

Taken from above, super cute patterned package!

Pigmentation? – 8/10, was good, but not great. There are more pigmented palettes, but this one is nice pigmentation.

buildable? – 10/10, I absolutely loved how well these built to a more pigmented color.

wearable? – 10/10, you could definitely use all the colors in this palette.

long lasting? – 9/10 with an eye primer these shades lasted with hardly any fading at all.

packaging? – 10/10 because you have full control  over what shades you want to put in and customizing it to your liking!

The bottom line: I think it is a good palette and I would recommend it, but if you find one similar at the drugstore or already have something like it, it’s not a must-have. If you are looking for one palette to take on vacation or just one for everyday, then this might be the one for you, you have so many options with these six functional and wearable shades, and it is fully customizable.

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