Scunci hair tie review 



I have SUPER thick hair, and getting normal rubber hair ties to stay in my hair is near impossible!  And then they wear out so quickly and become double useless!

The other day I went to our local mall and wandered into Claire’s.  Now I’ve grown out of Claire’s, but occasionally I’ll go in and see what deals they have.

This time they were having a buy 3, get 3 free.  But there was a catch,   the 3 free things had to be under $4.00.  After buying my 3 things I went around the store trying to find 3 things under $4.00.

That is when I came across scunci hair ties. They felt supppper cool,  and just so happened to be $3.00!  So I grabbed 3 packets and went on my way.

Once I got home of course I tested them out!  And they worked amazing!  They didn’t slip off within the few minutes I wore them, and didn’t come off when my hair got wet in the lake.

These hair ties are super sturdy.

The only thing I dont like about them, is they hurt if you put them on your wrist.

All in all I give these hair ties a 9/10
Let me know down in the comments if you use this brand, and what you think

If you don’t use this brand,  do you plan on it?




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