Drugstore Beauty – dark lipsticks (NYX lip creams)


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One of my favorite things in makeup is the vamped up lip, the dark plum colors look gorgeous on a wide range of skin tones, I think they look especially flattering on olive and lighter skin tones, simply because of how much they stand out! They also look so striking and gorgeous on darker skin tones as well so don’t shy away from them if you have dark skin! Today I’m going to be talking about the NYX Lip Creams, their really cheap at the drugstore, ($6.99) and my first impression of them! I was so excited, I ended up buying two to be honest. I literally can’t go into the makeup section and come out with one thing, it simply is not possible, so I gave into the temptation and got more products.


After trying them out, I have to talk about how good the color payoff is! It’s amazing! Just a little will go quite a long way. Because these aren’t a liquid lip or matte formula, there is no drying, they are so creamy and moisturizing. Anyone who has dry lips and finds that their lipstick creases during the day should try this line since it is such good quality. I don’t think it will crease or settle into lip lines at all, at least after wearing it for hours, mine hasn’t. The formula is nice and goes on really easily, so bottom line, I absolutely love them! If you are look for a dark plum colored lipstick from the drugstore I would recommend these colors, She Devil (the darkest one) and Bewitching (the slightly lighter, more plum colored one). I swatched both on my arm, She Devil On the right and bewitching on the left.


Enter a tion

I actually really love these lipsticks and if you are getting up the courage to try a dark lip then go for it. Even though its summer time! NYX lip creams are a great start since they are a low price, but great quality, if you just wanna dip your toe in a try it out, then I’d recommend these.

NYX cosmetics are really impressing me, these two lip products are some of the best that I own and they weren’t expensive at all. A lot of their products are great dupes for high end makeup products, and I can’t wait to try more.

The verdict: The lipsticks don’t feel drying at all, which is amazing, you could wear them all day and still be comfortable. They are a mostly matte finish, kind of like a satin, not too shiny at all, and I would definitely buy more from this line from NYX.

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— Hailey