Get ready with me- summer time! 

During the summer time,  I usually sleep in and catch up on all the Z’s I missed during the school year. Unlike some people though,  I don’t sleep in till noon.  My alarm clock goes off at 8am every morning . With that I start my busy morning.  Firstly I usually scroll through my phone for about 30mins.catching up on whatever I missed on instagram the few hours I was asleep,  or I check my pinterest and pin some new hairstyles to practice. After being all caught up with social media,  I go and do my hair and makeup.  I will admit,  I am that girl that takes hours to get ready. AND I HAVE NO SHAME!  recently I cut my hair short,  so I spend about 15mins straightening my hair.  Then I move onto my makeup.  On days where I know I’m not going anywhere fancy,  I stick to a very casual makeup.  The simple BB cream foundation , concealer to cover up those dark circles.  Then I curl my eyelashes and TADAAA,  I’m ready to be seen in public. Once I’ve styled my hair the way I want,  and finish my make up I go and pick out an outfit. This is what takes the longest for me,  I like everything to be perfect.  After finally choosing an outfit, I go and make mmyself breakfast.  For breakfast I usually stick with some type of fruit.  In the summer I like to make a strawberry, blueberry and banana salad.

And that’s my morning routine!

Comment down below if you are one of those people who spend hoooouurrrs getting ready.  🙂