Melt-Proof Summer Makeup!


In hot and humid weather, your makeup will melt and slip around during the day, which is incredibly annoying if you are trying to look nice for an event, and/or you’ve spent ages applying it! You can either stay in air conditioning all day, or try some of these tips to keep your makeup looking great all day long in hot weather. It’s currently really warm here, I was sweating while doing my makeup, and I’m indoors!






One of the biggest things to remember is to use BB cream instead of foundation on days when it is warm and humid. Liquid foundation will melt and slide around quickly, especially if you sweat, and it will make it obvious to others that your makeup isn’t sticking around until the end of the day! Because these formulas are lighter, they are more comfortable to wear and will last even if you sweat. If I choose to wear makeup during workouts I throw on some BB cream just before I leave to give me some lasting coverage.

Liquid liner can sometimes flake if left too long, and I’ve found that for lasting color and intensity even when it’s warm out, gel liner takes the cake. This stuff has been on my face for hours, yet it still looks the same, needless to say I really do love it. Also for all my hooded eye girls out there like me, gel doesn’t transfer easily at all, which is often an issue for me with liquid liner.

Even if you normally don’t wear a setting spray, you should try one for warmer weather. If you have oily skin or wanted more coverage than just a BB cream, setting your makeup is a good idea. Since I have dry skin, I don’t have many problems with makeup sliding around on the daily, I don’t use a setting spray. The urban decay one has gotten great reviews though, so if you want to try it, go ahead! Any other suggestions for drugstore setting sprays? Leave them in the comments!

If you use a moisturizer and then apply your makeup right after, it’s going onto a slightly ‘oily’ base and that could cause it to slip around. Try waiting five or ten minutes after moisturizing to put on your makeup, it’ll be all settled into your skin, and should help your makeup last longer.

Eyelid sweat is seriously a real thing. In order to keep your eyeshadow from creasing or fading, try using an eyeshadow primer. I have to admit, for the longest time I didn’t use one, but then one day I tried it, and I was like WHERE has this been my entire life?? It’ll make your shadow last so much longer and even through humid weather or touching your lids, it’ll still look great. There are tons of cheap ones at the drug store, and you definitely don’t have to go all out with the urban decay primer potion for your first one!

For day, be sure to keep your eye shadows relatively light if you plan on wearing them through work or school. Creasing, fall out, fading and slipping are all more apparent the darker your eyeshadow shade is! Don’t be afraid to use some color, but let’s face it, a 90 degree day is not the best for a jet black sexy AF smoky eye, it simply won’t last you very long and might get smudged and faded by the end of the day.

Use a waterproof mascara! If you can stand the removal process, definitely use one or a mascara with a formula you know is not going to budge from your lashes. There is nothing worse than running to class and then discovering your mascara is sort of smudged and pooled under your lower lash line. Keep the mascara on the bottom lashes to one coat to minimize transfer to the area right under the lower lash line. Another alternative is not to wear mascara on your lower lashes if they are already dark.

Powder and set your concealer, it will definitely crease about halfway through a nice, sunny, hot day. Using a damp sponge and translucent powder is an effective way to set your under eye and keep it from creasing for as long as possible. If you want to bake, you definitely can! Especially for gals with combination or oily skin, your under eye and nose will probably get oily first, set it of course, and if you want to bake to set the concealer even more, then do so to keep it in place. Potentially, if slipping makeup was a problem on the daily for you, even if it’s cold out and dry, you could bake your entire t zone or your particular problems areas every day to set your makeup like super glue.

If there is one thing you should avoid it is probably doing a mega dramatic, jet black wing liner. By the end of the day it will be smudged and sliding down your face. We have all been there at least I have, but it is probably something you’ll wanna hold off on. No matter how strong your wing game is, it won’t look as sharp or good at the end of the day, you might look better if you skip it altogether.


BB cream: Rimmel BB cream! It was mentioned in the drugstore makeup haul 2016 post! I love it, but it is a bit too dark for my skin tone. I can’t say I didn’t expect it, because I am so pale skinned that most foundation and powder foundation lines are too dark. To fix this I mixed it with some tinted moisturizer, then blended it onto my face with a sponge.

Concealer: Rimmel match perfection concealer (fair, 125) (concealer mentioned in drugstore makeup haul) applied this under my eyes and on a blemish that I had on my cheek. This concealer is actually really light and works really well for my skin tone, with good coverage. Any girls out there lookingRimmefor a concealer should try this one! It’s from the drugstore and is pretty cheap.

Powder: I set my whole face with the Revlon color stay translucent powder, using a huge fluffy powder brush from real techniques (I think). I love this powder! It does keep my face matte and the products on my face looking just as good in the evening as they did in the morning when I applied my makeup.

Bronzer: I used the LA mosaic tile bronzer that I also got at the drugstore, you can do really incredible makeup looks for cheap, so if you’re trying to build a makeup collection, drugstore products can definitely help you. I bronzed the edges of my forehead and my cheeks for a summery glow.

Blush: this product isn’t drug store, but it is really good! Butter London blush in the shade honey pie. I applied this to my cheeks for a little bit of color and depth. Fair skinned girls look gorgeous in pinky peach tones like this one.

Highlighter: I used the It cosmetics hello light luminizing sick to give me a nice radiant complexion on the tops of my cheekbones and nose. This product was more expensive than drugstore, I think about 20 bucks, but it will last a long time and is super nice because it blends into the skin really easily with your fingertips.

Brows: ELF eyebrow kit in light, it’s a light brown powder. This was very cheap and is definitely from the drugstore. If you are new to filling in your brows then I would recommend this, it was only three dollars, and it will work great! Before you drop money on a high end Anastasia product try this first and see how you like it.

Eyeshadow: I used a Dr. Hauchska palette which has lasted me a really long time! As you can see I’ve already hit pan in three of the colors which is sad because they are really expensive. I used the two lightest colors, the taupe and the lighter brown. They are so easy to blend omg. If you are looking for one palette that will suit you for everyday, this could be it. the colors are so wearable and are all matte so mature women and any hooded eye girls definitely won’t miss out! In the Sephora island sunset palette I used the darkest brown in the top corner which is called Kona. These are so pigmented! To be honest I have no idea when I acquired this in my collection but I really love it.

Eye primer: I used the it cosmetics bye bye lid lines primer. After wearing the look for a long while, all day almost, there is no creasing visible and the colors haven’t faded. I know this was under twenty dollars but it appears to be no longer available, apparently it is also anti aging, so woo! Staying young forever over here.

Eyeliner: this gel has been my absolute favorite, it’s by Laura Geller in the color black. If you are looking for something less expensive since this was high end, maybelline has some amazing gel liners, go check them out!

Mascara: this mascara won’t budge from my lashes and I used it religiously during the times of the year I was running. It’s called the Well People expressionist mascara, and I absolutely love it. This one wasn’t drugstore either, sorry, but there are tons of great mascaras out there in the drugstore.

Lips: cover girl OXXO lip balm is all that’s on my lips, but you can certainly play up the lips with a playful hot pink or berry color because the eyes are kept relatively simple. I love this! It was 1.99 at the drugstore, and it smells like watermelon – so, so, good.

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— Hailey
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