Avocado hair mask


Okay, who doesn’t love avocados??  They are magical and taste totally amazing. Aside from their amazing taste, avocados can help with getting silky and smooth hair.  And let’s be honest,  who doesn’t want silky and smooth hair? Continue reading


Drugstore Beauty – dark lipsticks (NYX lip creams)


Hello guys! If you are new here check out some other recent posts if you enjoy this one and follow if you want to see more! If you are returning, then thank you and I hope you love this post about dark lipstick from the drugstore, featuring NYX lip creams.

One of my favorite things in makeup is the vamped up lip, the dark plum colors look gorgeous on a wide range of skin tones, I think they look especially flattering on olive and lighter skin tones, simply because of how much they stand out! They also look so striking and gorgeous on darker skin tones as well so don’t shy away from them if you have dark skin! Today I’m going to be talking about the NYX Lip Creams, their really cheap at the drugstore, ($6.99) and my first impression of them! I was so excited, I ended up buying two to be honest. I literally can’t go into the makeup section and come out with one thing, it simply is not possible, so I gave into the temptation and got more products.


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Get ready with me- summer time! 


During the summer time,  I usually sleep in and catch up on all the Z’s I missed during the school year. Unlike some people though,  I don’t sleep in till noon.  My alarm clock goes off at 8am every morning . Continue reading

Melt-Proof Summer Makeup!


In hot and humid weather, your makeup will melt and slip around during the day, which is incredibly annoying if you are trying to look nice for an event, and/or you’ve spent ages applying it! You can either stay in air conditioning all day, or try some of these tips to keep your makeup looking great all day long in hot weather. It’s currently really warm here, I was sweating while doing my makeup, and I’m indoors!

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